Name: Wan-Ting Wang
Address: 5F., No.16, Lane 245, Zhixing Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Mobile: 0982868605
Home: 02-28581440

Pursue a position about assistant sales person.
。3 Months- special secretary / Perfect beauty Communications CO., LTD.
。4 Year 10 Months- Contract Employee / Sunny Bank
。1 Year 10 Months- Part-time job for students(Credit) / MetroBank
Sept. 2002.9- Aug 2005.6
Department of Chinese, Tamkang University
College of Liberal Arts

Main Areas of study:
1. Learning to Write in Chinese Through Reading Masterpieces
2. Modern Chinese Drama and articles: Appreciation and Playwriting
3. Chinese Writing for Business and Public Administration

。Officers of Chinese Student Organization
。Class representative

I was born in Taipei. My parents were divorced when I was young. I always do things on my own. At this kind of environment makes me establish the ability of easily going with people and communicating to people who I first meet. Due to I am the only-child in my family; I have strong responsibility and aggressiveness.
In my school life, I kept balance between studying and extracurricular activities or my part-time jobs. Not only I have basically academic knowledge but also build positive energy for everything I do.
In brief, it is not unusually to have a job that is different from what your major in college. The most important is perspective thought and passion. I am a person who likes to challenge and learn up anything. Hoping I could be the member of you to do the best of my ability.


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